adrift, at peace

adrift, at peace

28 October 2005

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je repose ma tĂȘte sur cette pierre
et rince mon oreille dans le fleuve

  • Model Name: DSC-T3
  • Date: 2005:10:28 13:10:09
  • Exposure Program: Normal program
  • Exposure Time: 10/1000
  • F Number: 3.5
  • ISO: 100
  • Focal Length: 6.7


  1. It’s a giant ear isn’t it? My French it is bad. The translation (Google) is “I put back my head on this stone and rinses my ear in the river”
    Great shot. Where is this?

  2. it’s a sculpture down a river in provence (can’t remember the name, i’ll have to ask) and your translation is quite good: i would have said ‘i rest my head on this stone and wash my ear in the river’ but it’s all the same.

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